You’re Officially Invited To Fringe Finance’s Launch Yacht Party.

Yes, it’s happening.

It’s about time we talk about the Primary Lending Platform’s launch.

As the community is widely aware of, we’re running out of synonyms for “soon” at pretty much the perfect time: The results and feedback from our auditors showcase that it’s now fully secure to launch our platform, which means there’s only one thing left for us to do.

The banger of the year.

Planning a party is never easy.

The Fringe Finance team and the loyal community surrounding the project shall, at one point, meet to celebrate the success of the project. We couldn’t wait to meet you all in person and share the love for DeFi that lives in the hearts of all Fringe enthusiasts. And, of course, we know that you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t!) settle for less than a yacht to mark such an important milestone in our joint history.

However, in our excitement to get the gang together in international waters, we stumbled into an issue.

Finding a real-world floating dance floor that’s able to support the Fringe community’s swagger, along with the cost of airfare for 100 people, we soon realized, certainly puts a dent in the tight budget of a bootstrapped, humble DeFi protocol set to revolutionize lending.

Until, suddenly, it didn’t.

The revelation was abrupt but clear: To celebrate the launch of a decentralized protocol, we shall host a decentralized event. The Metaverse, then, will be the scenario for this party. Within the confines of Decentraland, we can bring together Fringe Finance believers from all over the world, DJs, partners, metaverse creatures, and the finest of the crypto world for an epic extravaganza.

So, without any further ado, behold our latest creation!

The beautiful Fringe Finance Yacht awaits you to celebrate the Primary Lending Platform’s official release!

The Fringe Finance Yacht will host the biggest ever party on Decentraland’s ocean, sailing over a specially created, giant extension of its Meta-sea. We can’t wait for you to see it.

Get whitelisted

How to participate.

100 people will be exclusively invited to partake in the Primary Lending Platform’s Metaverse Yacht Party. Invitees will be a mixture of entertainers, Fringe partners, influencers of the crypto world, the Fringe team, and, of course, Fringe Finance community members.

To apply and get whitelisted to attend as a community member, all you need to do is go to this form, fill in your data, and wait for us to get in touch with you. You wouldn’t want to miss a night full of exclusive news, meta-cocktails, NFTs, music, and games, so we encourage you to send your application as soon as possible.

We’ll see you at the heliport!

In summary:

We’ll soon be disclosing the names of the DJ for this party!

WHAT: A party to celebrate the launch of Fringe Finance’s Primary Lending Platform. More surprises to be revealed pronto!

WHERE: The Fringe Finance Yacht, Decentraland.

WHEN: June 24th, at 11:00 PM GMT.

Apply for a ticket here!



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