TomoChain To Join Bonded’s Primary Lending Platform!

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3 min readSep 2, 2021


Say hello to our new partners, TomoChain!

As we gather momentum towards launch and begin our implementation and onboarding of partners, we’re happy to break the news that TomoChain will be joining #DeFi4Everyone on the Bonded Primary Lending Platform.

Altcoin Enthusiasts Rise Up

The time is nigh to connect, unite and take what is rightfully ours. To date, DeFi has summarily dismissed the overwhelming majority of altcoins from realizing the benefits of a financial revolution. They have stood on our shoulders for too long. The Bonded credo is to make alts great again and we’ve put together a partner ecosystem that collectively represents some 26 billion USD in capped value. As a beginning.

Paul Mak, CEO of Bonded Finance has fired a warning shot. “Like Eminem in 8 Mile, we were playing in the beginning, the mood all changed, when we had to rebuild from the ground up. Now there’s been hack after hack, exploit after exploit. While that’s some vindication, lying low and building with a community rightfully on your case is not ideal. We have, like TomoChain themselves, been overlooked. Tomo is a project that integrated, not just loosely partnered, with the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and is making the kind of strides that will change the world. We couldn’t be happier to do our part in supporting an initiative like Tomo.”

Long Vuong, CEO of TomoChain Lab, also commented on the partnership: “We’re excited to be adding more utility for TOMOE by forming this integration partnership with Bonded Finance, a DeFi hub for lending and stable coins. This collaboration will provide TomoChain holders with the option to borrow different stable coins and make better use of their assets on the Ethereum network. I’m really looking forward to the various opportunities that integrating with Bonded Finance will bring to our community.

As a part of Bonded’s Primary Lending Platform, TOMOE (ERC-20) holders will gain access to an ecosystem that can facilitate stablecoin loans for TOMO holders. To learn more about Bonded’s Primary Lending Platform, you can check out our previous article. Additionally, the TOMO token will be able to leverage the USB stablecoin minting platform — to be launched following the Primary Lending Facility. Collateralizing TOMO to mint USB stablecoins offers a myriad of earning opportunities within Bonded Finance’s suite of forthcoming financial instruments.

Why Bonded

By allowing holders access Bonded’s financial instruments, projects can also benefit from:

  • Locking Tokens — reduced selling pressure with lower circulating supply.
  • Minting stablecoins to leverage positions.
  • Lending and borrowing features.
  • Exposure to new communities.
  • Access to capital resources.
  • Increased utility — earning potential in upcoming products.
  • Stabilizing their Value — Users who earn more are inclined to HODL.
  • Earn network and LP incentives.
  • Cross marketing through in-platform and promotional incentives.

About Bonded Finance

Bonded Finance is a single-source, end-to-end DeFi solution for alternative token holders. Our initiative creates innovative financial instruments that give holders access to the financial services currently reserved for a select few. We are on an overall mission to unearth the untapped value existing in crypto today.

About TomoChain

TomoChain is an efficient and scalable blockchain used by companies worldwide. It utilizes a Proof-of-Stake Voting consensus to create applications for real-world use cases. TomoChain has created a blockchain development landscape to host various products and applications running on the TomoChain blockchain.



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