Monthly Update — September 2023

Fringe Finance
3 min readOct 3, 2023

Fringe community,

This month, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re approaching the final stages of v2’s audit. We’ve also been busy working on bringing some new asset listings to Fringe.

Let’s jump in and catch up on all the developments that took place this September.

Tech Updates

Our v2 audit is in its final stages

We’ve made significant progress on the audit process for v2’s features. All identified issues have been carefully addressed, and it’s worth noting that the majority of these were minor in nature. Only three items remain unaltered, and we’ll provide a clear rationale for each once we publish an audit report.

We’re now in the final stages of the audit, preparing a comprehensive document summarizing our audit findings, which will be promptly delivered to our auditors for their re-evaluation. Once the audit is closed, we will proceed with finalizing parameters for each blockchain, conducting thorough testing on the testnet for verification, and ultimately deploying to Mainnets. As a crucial next step, we will deploy the front end and rigorously test its functionality to make sure everything works correctly.

Collateral asset de-listing

Due to changes in feed availability, Fringe v1 de-listed the following collateral tokens this month:

  • $BAND
  • $TOMO
  • $LON

We’re looking forward to our upcoming oracle model implementation, as it’ll reduce our reliance on any single oracle source, allowing us to list more assets.

Asset listing candidates

After extensive research and careful consideration, we’re excited to share our progress in expanding our asset listings across various blockchains for.

Fringe has identified a selection of assets eligible for listing with v2. These assets are categorized across five distinct lists, corresponding to the chains v2 currently supports — Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, and zkSync.

For v2’s release, we believe that we can expand our listings offer up to at least:

  • 98 assets on the Ethereum Mainnet.
  • 13 assets on Polygon
  • 12 assets on Optimism
  • 17 assets on Arbitrum
  • 4 assets on zkSync

Note that this is a list of initial listings possible with v2, which means these numbers can and will be expanded with the new oracle model.

Ecosystem Updates

Pyth update

As we discussed previously, we’ve chosen Pyth Network as our primary zkSync oracle source. This enhances our multi-chain flexibility, adapting to diverse price oracle availability.

Pyth will also be one of the sources in our upcoming Price Oracle Model and for v2. Ultimately, we aim to cover as many assets as possible and to incorporate a wide variety of oracle sources.

With Pyth Network covering 30+ blockchains and supporting 300+ price feeds, Fringe v2 will expand to zkSync and four more L2s using Pyth Price Feeds.

Pyth Network will be vital in enabling Fringe’s expansion to zkSync and beyond. Audit underway!

Ape in to zkSummer panel

Join the conversation as we talk zkSync Era, the DeFi lending ecosystem, web3 onboarding, and the innovation powering Fringe’s mission of DeFi for Everyone. Special thanks to AcrossProtocol & Taho Wallet for hosting us!

See the full discussion on Youtube:

About Fringe Finance

Fringe Finance is a decentralized money market designed to unlock the capital spread in crypto assets regardless of their capitalization and supported network. With a next-generation DeFi lending & borrowing ecosystem, Fringe aims to unlock the dormant capital from traditional financial markets and all-tier cryptocurrencies.

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Fringe Finance

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