Monthly Update — November 2023

Fringe Finance
4 min readDec 1, 2023

November has been all about the deployment of Fringe Finance V2 to the mainnet and its subsequent validation. In short, we’ve deployed and configured three chains, thoroughly tested them, and we’re currently ironing out the last-minute nuances specific to the mainnet.
See the mainnet screenshots attached at the bottom.

Technology Update

We’ve deployed the decentralized backend using The Graph subgraphs, mainnet contract deployments, and a frontend that integrates with the mainnet and the subgraphs. We have full stack deployment.

We’ve been executing a battery of mainnet tests to ensure we identify any mainnet issues that require attention. As anticipated, the nuanced differences between testnet and mainnet identified a few items that are largely now resolved. These include token icons sometimes not loading correctly, ParaSwap intermittent errors (when sometimes opening and closing leveraged trading positions), some UI values showing incorrectly, and margin trading chart intermittent errors. Most of these issues are now resolved. We’ve now released a limited-pilot beta mainnet instance while we iron out the remaining mainnet issues.


Fringe V2 Benefits

We’ve taken the time to articulate the benefits that Fringe V2 offers lenders, borrowers, and traders in a comprehensive article “Fringe with Benefits” released this month. Fringe V2 encompasses a lot and this article is valuable to understand the range of benefits various user personas can enjoy with Fringe V2 and how V2 is differentiated in the DeFi lending and trading landscape.

Amplify and Margin Trade

Fringe Finance is unveiling two groundbreaking leveraged trading facilities with V2 release — Fringe Amplify and Fringe Margin Trade — enriching our money market platform and empowering users to amplify returns and explore new trading strategies. Read more in the “Introducing Fringe’s two new leveraged trading facilities — Amplify and Margin Trade” article.

Atomic Repayments

We have also published “Introducing Atomic Repayments: Repay using collateral” highlighting our new feature that seamlessly allows users to repay loans and margin trade positions using collateral. The atomic repayments are eliminating the need for separate funds and offering unparalleled convenience in loan management and trading strategies

Reyield X-space

Reyield X-space: Fringe’s CTO Brian Pasfield (@0xFrin) attended Reyield’s X-space on 22 November. The X-space has been listened to by 7.7k X users, was attended live by over 250 listeners, and has been recorded in two parts here, and here.


Even as we deploy V2 to the mainnet, we’re not looking back; design and development work is ongoing for future roadmap items. These specifically include enhancements for V2 and the introduction of V3 with our pooled collateral solution. Future releases will be more streamlined. Fringe V2 was a substantial undertaking and took time to deliver. With smaller future releases, we anticipate shorter intervals between new releases. We’ll keep you updated as we progress.

Meanwhile, enjoy the following V2 mainnet screenshots. 🚀

Mainnet screenshots

Borrow UI — Arbitrum mainnet

Fringe Finance: Borrow UI — Arbitrum mainnet

Repay, including Repay Using Collateral UI — mainnet. Showing price impact if collateral is used for repayment given we employ external dexes to facilitate the swap.

Fringe Finance: Repay, including Repay Using Collateral UI — mainnet

Lending UI — Arbitrum mainnet: 🏦

Fringe Finance: Lending UI — Arbitrum mainnet:

Amplify UI — Polygon mainnet: 🔎

Fringe Finance: Amplify UI — Polygon mainnet:

Margin Trade UI — Optimism mainnet: 📈

Fringe Finance: Margin Trade UI — Optimism mainnet:

Connect wallet UI — mainnet, showing growing support for different wallet standards.

Fringe Finance: Connect wallet UI — mainnet



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