Monthly Update: May 2022

  • PrimaryIndexToken proxy TransparentUpgradeableProxy 0x46558DA82Be1ae1955DE6d6146F8D2c1FE2f9C5E
  • PrimaryIndexToken masterCopy 0xf45cAaF20787F68787411Ec5D5B9E6920eEd920D
  • fUSDC Token (fUSDC) (BLendingToken proxy) TransparentUpgradeableProxy 0x9fD0928A09E8661945767E75576C912023bA384D
  • BLendingToken masterCopy 0x629473660404D0cD102fF79ccb8dbD9e8fEAC0F5
  • bondtrollerAddress TransparentUpgradeableProxy 0x9a26929352095f6Cf7a941914669928eBBA8543D
  • Bondtroller masterCopy 0xdC3193778E237d06E0f11087e7897711b4BB199D
  • JumpRateModelV2 proxy address TransparentUpgradeableProxy 0x31210fB9b20335416455636A78B4d65CF94d028C
  • JumpRateModelV2 masterCopy 0x94E1F13A1a5cD66cFc89DD3C99ceEe37D1Fd91F3
  • PriceProviderAggregator proxy address TransparentUpgradeableProxy 0x6f1C5BDc02a3047cD6394787595a4eC1b3863540
  • PriceProviderAggregator masterCopy 0x0c459FcB7BB3ee5EBf49C2B397625153986a28EF
  • BackendPriceProvider proxy address TransparentUpgradeableProxy 0x22d55e49234D0310f48d3300e43Eeb3aC93C0811
  • BackendPriceProvider masterCopy 0xE6a423C642c5B264a430a2238EEe4343BA462063
  • chainlinkPriceProviderAddress TransparentUpgradeableProxy 0x963d80cA1a35F402bea95C3013e115C5c9a7BAe1
  • ChainlinkPriceProvider masterCopy 0xd14b3952245B0C903BE7357C48A68c7059d22FF7
  • primaryLendingPlatformProxyAdminAddress 0xfB872a364E63950f9847a39202Bb4d1C07534466

What is next for the Primary Lending Platform?

  • Repointing the backend and frontend code that utilizes the Mainnet contracts.
  • Undertaking post-implementation validation tests to verify that the contracts deployed work the same way they did on Tesnet (a standard security measure).
  • Including core UI functions for testing (e.g., deposit collateral, take loan, repay loan, withdraw collateral, deposit capital, withdraw capital).
  • Validating the correct price feeds are in place (another standard security measure).

Development of the Staking and USB Platforms

  • $FRIN staking will allow users to earn fees from the Platform and temporary yield farming opportunities, all paid in $FRIN.
  • Liquidity Providing token staking will allow users to earn $FRIN.
  • $fUSDC (fTokens received by lenders who deposit USDC to be lent out to borrowers) staking will yield users additional incentives on top of their interest-bearing fTokens to incentivize early lenders, lowering interest rates and attracting borrowers.

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Fringe Finance

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