Monthly Update — March 2024

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4 min readApr 5, 2024


In the last month, Fringe Finance delivered significant UI enhancements to improve the platform’s usability and aesthetics. We also had the expansion of token offerings on zkSync, establishing Fringe as a leader in zkSync-based lending and margin trading. Additionally, the team’s integration of the $tBTC token facilitates a seamless bridge for Bitcoin holders to the Ethereum ecosystem and broadens the platform’s capabilities. This, along with the doubling of rewards for the platform’s incentive program, demonstrates Fringe Finance’s dedication to driving value for its users.

Tech Update

This past month, our technology initiatives were centred around enhancing user experience and broadening our platform’s capabilities. Notable updates include:

  • UI Enhancements: Following the launch of Fringe V2, we’ve successfully deployed over 20 front-end updates. These updates have targeted bug fixes and user-requested adjustments, enhancing our platform's overall look and feel.
  • New Token Listings: Expanding our asset offerings has been a significant focus. We’ve added support for tokens on zkSync, notably wstETH, USDC, USDT, DAI, ETH, and wBTC. This expansion positions us among the leading zkSync-based lending and margin trading platforms in terms of supported assets.
  • Leveraged Trading and Fringe Incentive Program: The introduction of leveraged trading on zkSync and the Fringe Incentive Program tracking status bar are among our most notable achievements. They provide unique utility and enhance user engagement.
  • Community-Driven Listings: We encourage our community to suggest new token listings. While we’re open to listing small-cap assets, doing so on L2 chains is more feasible than on Ethereum’s L1 due to the significantly lower costs.
  • Ongoing and Upcoming Technological Developments: Behind the scenes, our technology team is making strides in several areas, including the New Price Oracle Model, support for LP and ERC-4626 tokens, and the advancement towards Fringe V3.

We’re committed to continuous improvement and are excited about the roadmap ahead. Thanks to our enhanced development team resources, we are better positioned to deliver timely, high-quality updates.

Content Update

Recent Blog Highlights

1. Trade BTC vs. ETH Dominance Using Margin Trade

This post delves into an innovative trading strategy enabled by Fringe Finance, allowing users to leverage margin trading to speculate on the dominance trends between Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). It outlines how traders can utilize the platform’s features to take positions that benefit from shifts in market leadership between the two leading cryptocurrencies. The guide provides a step-by-step approach to execute these trades, leveraging Fringe’s unique offering to enhance returns while managing risk potentially.

2. Go Long BTC with Amplify

Exploring another strategic use case on the Fringe Finance platform, this article introduces readers to the Amplify feature, specifically aimed at those looking to bolster their Bitcoin holdings. It breaks down how Amplify works, enabling users to “go long” on BTC with potentially higher returns compared to traditional trading methods. The post covers practical examples and scenarios to help users understand how to effectively use Amplify to their advantage, emphasizing the potential benefits and considerations to keep in mind when leveraging this feature.

Community and Partnerships

  • X Spaces Participation: On March 28th, our CTO, Brian, took part in an engaging discussion on PopEx Space, focusing on the integration and practical applications of Real World Assets (RWAs) within the blockchain space. This session offered insights into some of the challenges of integrating RWAs into decentralised finance and that many existing players in this space are yet to embrace the core value proposition of crypto and DeFi, which is censorship resistance.
  • Threshold Network’s $tBTC Integration: Our collaboration with Threshold Network introduces support for the $tBTC token. This integration facilitates a seamless bridge for Bitcoin holders to engage with the Ethereum ecosystem, utilizing their BTC holdings to participate in DeFi activities without relinquishing ownership of their assets. The announcement post highlights the mechanics of $tBTC, the advantages of this integration for users, and its role in broadening our platform’s capabilities.

Incentive Program Enhancement

To further incentivize participation and investment within our ecosystem, we’ve significantly increased our incentive program’s first milestone rewards. Participants lending on our platform now stand to receive double the previously announced rewards for the first milestone, totalling 4 million $FRIN. This adjustment reflects our commitment to rewarding our community’s trust and engagement, providing additional value and enhancing the attractiveness of lending across the supported chains.

By continuously seeking to innovate and enrich our platform’s features and offerings, we aim to maintain our position at the forefront of the DeFi space, driving value for our users and the broader cryptocurrency community.

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