Monthly Update: January 2023

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4 min readFeb 2, 2023

$FRIN community,

Another month has passed, and it’s now February 2023.

As we look ahead to the rest of the year, here’s our monthly report recapping events from January 2023.

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Tech Updates

This month had a few moments of downtime for various members of the technology teams, due to Christmas, New Year, Orthodox New Year, Chinese New Year and Tet Holiday, but the team is now back in full swing and working closely together.

Our focus remains on ensuring the smooth integration of a broad range of new roadmap items, including innovative features such as a new interest rate model, decentralized backend, multi-chain support, and advanced trading platforms.

Despite the challenge of integrating these complex releases, our team is dedicated to putting in the hard work necessary to make this a great year. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive overview as these platforms develop.

Updates to Whitepaper

As our project continues to evolve and grow, it’s essential that we keep our stakeholders informed and up-to-date with the latest developments. To this end, we have recently updated our whitepaper to reflect the numerous changes and advancements happening at Fringe on a protocol level. This updated whitepaper serves as a comprehensive guide to our vision, mission, and technical capabilities, and provides a deeper understanding of the unique value proposition that Fringe offers.

By making this information easily accessible and understandable, we hope to empower all members of the Fringe Finance community to make informed decisions about their investment and participation in the Fringe ecosystem.

Expect it to go live this week!

Ecosystem Updates

Fringe Finance’s Strategy to Address Censorship & Centralization Risks

It’s often forgotten that the ultimate purpose of DeFi is censorship resistance. The DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem and its various projects and protocols exist on a spectrum of censorship resistance. Some protocols are centralized and, therefore, less censorship-resistant, while other protocols are relatively decentralized and thus more censorship-resistant.

Our articleFringe Finance’s Strategy to Address Censorship & Centralization Risks”, written by CTO Brian Pasfield explores what makes various DeFi projects and protocols more or less censorship-resistant, as well as the censorship and centralization risks to which the Fringe Finance platform is exposed. We also review how Fringe has and will continue to address these risks. The points addressed in this article apply to many other Defi protocols and not just to Fringe.

Fringe at zkSync!

This month, we also announced that Fringe will be porting our Primary Lending Platform to ZkSync! This means fast, cheap, and fully decentralized crypto loans will soon be available on their zkEVM rollup.

By leveraging zkSync’s scalability, Fringe will allow its users to lend, borrow, and liquidate crypto loans with near-instant confirmation times and low gas fees, while continuing to introduce new models that improve upon what the lending space’s leaders have built.

Along with this integration, Fringe will also introduce other innovations to its platform, such as:

  • A capital-optimized interest rate model
  • Borrowing against and lending out a wide range of crypto assets
  • Fully decentralized front and back ends
  • Multi-chain support

Increased work in SEO

In our ongoing effort to enhance the user experience, we have been paying close attention to our search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This has involved a meticulous and deliberate approach to improving our visibility and ranking on search engines, thereby making it easier for visitors to find us and access our services.

Alongside this, we have also created a series of dedicated landing pages for our lending assets (see example). These pages are designed to provide in-depth information and insights about each of these assets, allowing users to make informed decisions about their investments. By doing so, we aim to create a more streamlined and user-friendly experience that empowers our community to make the most of the Fringe Platform.

About Fringe Finance

Fringe Finance is a decentralized money market designed to unlock the capital spread in crypto assets regardless of their capitalization and supported network. With a next-generation DeFi lending & borrowing ecosystem, Fringe aims to unlock the dormant capital from traditional financial markets and all-tier cryptocurrencies.

For more information on Fringe Finance, visit our website.



Fringe Finance

Decentralized financial ecosystem unlocking the dormant capital from traditional financial markets and all-tier cryptocurrencies. #DeFi lending & borrowing.