Monthly Update — April 2024

Fringe Finance
2 min readMay 2, 2024


Tech Update

Audits and Improvements

In April, we prepared everything to enable a comprehensive audit for Fringe Finance, focusing on various elements, including LP tokens and ERC-4626 tokens. This audit is a step toward enhancing our platform with several key improvements:

  • Liquidation Mechanism Enhancements: We’re refining our liquidation process to ensure more efficient operations by unwrapping LP tokens and ERC-4626 tokens during liquidation events.
  • Precision Pricing Upgrade: Transitioning our token pricing from 10^-6 to 10^-10 precision represents a significant update, impacting many of our smart contracts, subgraphs, and front-end interfaces. This change is particularly relevant for users interested in memecoins, as it allows them to engage more deeply with our platform.

Strategic Developments

  • ERC-4626 Project Integrations: We are actively identifying ERC-4626 projects that are ideal candidates for listing on Fringe. This initiative is expected to drive our business development and partnerships significantly.
  • LP Token Business Development: Our partnership program now focuses on engaging with the smaller tokens underpinning each of our listed LP tokens, enhancing utility and capital deployment opportunities for our partners.

Content and Marketing Update

  • The Road to Sharing in Fringe’s Profits,” laid down the metrics needed before we enter a sustainable flywheel phase, enabling revenue sharing and $FRIN staking
  • New Listings: We're broadening our market presence with the introduction of new listings such as Threshold Network’s tBTC, Injective (INJ), and more assets on several chains like DAI and USDT. The launch of Fringe Finance V2 has introduced innovative trading options, including Margin Trade and Amplify features, enabling enhanced asset exposure and leveraged trades.
  • Fringe Finance & zkSync: A Powerful Combo: Our integration with zkSync leverages Layer-2 solutions to enable faster and cheaper transactions, making Fringe Finance a scalable and efficient platform in the DeFi landscape.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to innovate and expand, we are coming closer to releasing support for LP Tokens and ERC4626 tokens. There is an extensive range of ways these assets can be deployed on the Fringe platform so that users can maximise their capital efficiency and isolate exposure in flexible ways. Fringe’s support for these assets will be unique in the DeFi marketplace. Look forward to detailed descriptions of the multiple use cases that arise from Fringe’s integration with these assets. Fringe is also crafting conference presentations for these new capabilities and will look to present this worldwide.

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