Monthly Recap: May 2024

Fringe Finance
3 min readJun 12, 2024


May has been a month of significant progress and strategic initiatives. We have the contracts ready for audit, integrated new assets into the platform, and are closer to reaching the first milestone of our Incentive program. This recap will provide insights into our technical developments, marketing efforts, and content creation activities.

Tech Updates

Test Contract Deployments & Audit

We successfully deployed test contracts to the Polygon mainnet. This is an important step as it allows us to validate our systems in a real-world environment, ensuring the robustness and security of our solutions. Our tech team tested ERC4626 tokens and LP tokens, updated price oracle improvements, deployed memecoin price precision upgrades, and a new liquidation mechanism.

Our audit preparation process is ongoing. We focus on preparing everything for a seamless interaction with the auditor to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in our contracts.

TokenSniffer flags

The tech team also addressed comments and issues about how TokenSniffer flags the $FRIN token, which is currently under review.

ERC4626 Partner Engagement

Our team has been actively engaging with partners interested in ERC4626 and producing study cases to highlight the Fringe Finance facilities and use cases that are most useful for this type of asset, and how to deploy strategies to ensure the best results when using these in our platform. This involved numerous Telegram group discussions and meeting calls to foster collaboration and technical alignment.

Initial Study for Deployment on Other Chains

We initiated studies to explore deployment opportunities on other blockchain networks. This strategic move aims to expand our ecosystem and leverage the unique features of various chains to enhance our offerings. Significant progress has been made, so stay tuned for news on that regard.

Marketing & Content Updates

Partnership & New Integrations Efforts

ERC4626 and LP Tokens Partnerships are one of the main focuses right now, and we are in advanced talks with several protocols. These actions complement the current effort to integrate more assets on our platform (86 integrations and counting!). This month, we added rETH on more chains, and we have more integrations in the pipeline!

Optimism & zkSync Initiatives

We initiated outreach to recipients of the Optimism grant to explore collaboration opportunities and showcase fringe Finance facilities that can be leveraged by those protocols. We also secured participation in the Optimism Demo Day, scheduled for June 6th.

zkSync is the chain with the highest TVL on our platform, and that is related to our offering having the largest number of assets on that chain. We launched a special marketing initiative on zkSync to showcase synergies with other projects on the chain, and we hosted an X Space with zkSwap and Symbiosis, with a specific focus on the tech and how our projects complement each other. You can access the recording below.


May has been a month of substantial advancements and strategic efforts. We’re excited about the progress we’ve made and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. Thank you for your continued support and engagement.



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