May: Monthly Update

Consolidating truly alternative crypto assets into a single collateral vehicle remains one of the more commercially ambitious endeavors in the brief history of tradable digital assets. Doing so as a relatively boutique project with a modular rollout under the watchful eye of occasionally manic contributors and supporters remains challenging. To date, we have succeeded on many fronts and fallen short on others — the latter of which has been well-documented—memes and all. Were this not enough, our commitment to a fundamental belief that token supplies belong in the wild so they can find their way to rightful owners has been a pain point. This translated to accelerated unlocks and rewards schedules but we are now through. Early-stage companies as tradable assets coupled with delays have made for a turbulent take-off as we deliberately ascend to our cruising altitude. Despite the bumps which are part and parcel of any serious undertaking, BOND has not wavered or faltered in our efforts to realize a vision.

In broad terms, we have support from some of the strongest partners in the space, are gaining visibility in tech and crypto publications, completed an aggressive token release schedule and, recently witnessed a 50% market downturn only to be trading at our lifecycle aggregate. Bonded Finance is a tale of two perspectives; one is that of the crypto denizen who sees hours as days, days as months, and believes that “Hide the Pain” Harold is representative of all of us. The other divides years into quarters, defines cycles in half decades and looks for tectonic movements. As we begin our staged rollout and deployment phase now, we believe these parties will cross paths.

As of June 1st — our stacking program kicks off. An exciting event because the staking of BOND now entitles holders to receive partner tokens. This engenders a couple of effects that represent watershed developments for the network:

  • Non-inflationary event — BOND is well distributed at this juncture. The dispersal of alternative tokens means no additional BOND.
  • Demonstration of Value — stakers and network participants begin to realize the value of BOND.
  • Diversification — staking typically means receiving “more of the same” speculative asset.
  • Uptick in Demand — static supply, increasing network value/activity.

We are excited to announce that our first contributing partner is and their token GLCH. They were enthusiastic to be one of the select first few to open lending markets on our INDEX product. Please be sure to follow and support them as they have our ecosystem.

The value of the GLCH added to the rewards program will be announced the first week of June to coincide with the new program.

We are happy to announce a new addition to the Bonded team. Please meet our new CTO Brian Pasfield. Brian brings a wealth of experience, structure and relevant expertise to the company and will be overseeing all technical teams, product deployment, our new technical roadmap and communications between our tech department and our comms teams. Please allow him the necessary time to get acquainted with our business and products. We are excited to have him on board as both a CTO and a voice of the product.

Starting June, we will begin to increase the footprint of the BOND token by opening more markets across more exchanges. Please refrain from the standard “wen binance.” Our intent is to list on many exchanges - small, medium and large and, are negotiating with any number at this time.

Additionally, we will see BOND trading against BTC as well as USDC/USDT. Even incremental exposure to new markets and investors increases awareness, token distribution as we begin to alleviate selling pressure for BOND.

In concert with this comes additional marketing and promotional activities. Again, we are intent on increasing our exposure across multiple channels. Trading competitions, AMAs, and additional media exposure for BOND are forthcoming.

Our lead Paul Mak was very clear that a roadmap is often taken out of context and creates avoidable letdowns. For example, we feel very strongly about the attractiveness and sustainability of the Stacking Rewards Program but it was not in any roadmap. Opportunity comes and we will capitalize. Obstacles present themselves and the best laid plans must be rerouted. Conversely, being rudderless and reactive is no way to run a business. The vision has always been clear but the map is never the terrain. With this in mind, we will publish a roadmap for the rest of the year that represents something of a guide.

What you see below is comprehensive but it is essential to note that things can change. While our best endeavors are put forth, we cannot guarantee all targets will be met nor does this mean these are the exact dates. There are target dates contingent upon a static environment but we are not a private company working siloed and additionally, we are still actively developing relationships. Therefore, we will state what should be self-evident — Some initiatives could be deployed earlier and some may take slightly longer.

Note: We are now scaling up our team. With finite resources, the deployment of capital is a timing pattern as much as anything. Bonded is now in a place where getting to market and realizing revenues is the primary initiative as evidenced by the fast tracked release of the stacking rewards.

We’d like to acknowledge that the exact deployment of test environments, limited function public deployment, and the like have not been specifically mentioned. What is shown represents an aggressive and comprehensive market and revenue strategy. We believe we have something technically special here and will not take shortcuts. Please take our numerous caveats to heart as you view the Bonded Finance roadmap.

In summary, it is a very exciting time for us all and a long time coming. While many have toiled through uncertainty, we are happy to begin delivering demonstrable value and tangible markers, including our imminent launch and deployment of our smart instruments. We thank you all for your patience and your ongoing support.



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