June: Monthly Update

As we near our official launch, yes the launch, Bonded has made continued progress.

The Stacking rewards program went live with Glitch. The distribution of liquid rewards from supporting projects offers network participants an opportunity to earn without putting any additional BOND “on the street.” Again, this is something designed for our long-term supporters to increase network benefits while providing additional utility and value retention for the Bond token.

DEPO — In terms of what is forthcoming, we are happy to announce that Depo, an upcoming IDO on Jigstak’s Lemonade launchpad, will be participating in the Stacking Rewards Programme. Please stay tuned for official word on how Bond LPs will benefit.

The Bitcoin.com listing is now officially live. While the volume is modest, we are going to be engaging in some promotions with them and believe that they are branding for the future. It is a small way to gain additional exposure and we’ve noted a continued increase in follower count and overall engagement across socials.

After numerous meetings, we have concluded that it would be best to first deploy Bonded’s Primary Index as stipulated by our roadmap. The index allows us to start onboarding partners and priority projects and build up the network's collateral side while we test and look to integrate our lending and borrowing facility.

We are genuinely excited as this marks the start of Bonded Finance the network. We are also happy to confirm as per our roadmap we are on track.

One of our primary objects was to integrate our new CTO into the methodologies we’ve implemented to date and that has gone swimmingly. Not every bit of business is exciting but bringing in a technical lead who has his own ideas and ways of doing things is not always a smooth process. This was. Brian is largely satisfied with what has been completed to date and has inculcated his processes to those who directly work with him and pretty seamlessly vibed with the external teams consulting and developing. This may not blow a reader’s hair back but is the most salient piece of information regarding the long-term prospects of Bonded.

Systematic investment plans (SIPs) are traditionally a great way to gain exposure to nascent marketplaces. We consider our partnership with Polylastic to be both synergistic and forward-looking in terms of where crypto is headed. Index funds are considered to be the best long-term hedge against bearish cycles as they have historically outperformed single stock investments.

Given that the bearish structure in the market has returned, we would like to remind that we are building for the long term. We did not skimp on development and made some unpopular decisions in terms of timing our product rollout. Delays played a large part which we rightfully own but Bonded has also deliberately deployed additional resources and did not shy away from rebuilding when we felt that we had something functional but not future proof. Along the way, we’ve continued our business development efforts and have geared our alignments to both capture short-term sentiment while eyeing longer-term network benefits via the Stacking rewards and bonding the token to all network activities.




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