Introducing the “Straight Stacking” Rewards Program from Bonded Finance

The Real Stimulus Package

The Straight Stacking Programme

The Launchpad Problem

The Lemonade stand Joins Bonded finance

The Basic Arrangement

Bond Benefits

  • Generate Launchpad IDO assets at no cost
  • Diversify Portfolio at no cost
  • Acquire typically hard to source tokens—newly launched projects
  • Increased APY
  • Increased demand for the Bond token
  • Additional exposure for the Bond network
  • Deeper liquidity for the Bond token


  • Bonded finance is launching their brand new Straight Stacking rewards programme.
  • To start, already over $1m USD of alternative cryptocurrencies will be given out to BOND LP’s.
  • Cryptos included in our new rewards programme will come from select, existing crypto projects and also new IDO’s.
  • The first IDO platform to join the programme is The Lemonade Stand from Jigstack.
  • To participate, you must hold BOND, provide liquidity on Uniswap and connect to our rewards programme .
  • The new rewards programme will commence in May 2021.



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