Introducing the “Straight Stacking” Rewards Program from Bonded Finance

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5 min readMar 25, 2021


The Real Stimulus Package

Bonded finance was developed with an ‘incentive-heavy’ network architecture. As we’ve progressed, our strategic alignments and partnerships have surprised and converted many of our earliest detractors. We have always done our best to take a professional approach, prioritizing business opportunities and network security over speed to market, determining that a real circulating supply would allow the token to find the right owners and a robust economic model would eventually keep them engaged. It is not always the popular path but one we feel affords the greatest chance for real success and upside. As a network, Bond is designed to incentivize users to join our platform, use our products and stay. A compelling call to action that can not be sustained is useless, as we are reliant upon commercial activity to increase network use and revenues. One of our chief ambitions was to create a network so valuable, businesses would pay, simply to participate. We are proud to say we have already achieved this ahead of schedule, with companies ready to contribute incentives in order to gain access to our users and suite of products.

With that in mind we would like to introduce our own stimulus initiative.

The Straight Stacking Programme

The primary engine that runs the Bonded network and all DeFi platforms are incentives. Our present rewards program incentivizes the community to provide liquidity on Uniswap and in exchange for this liquidity, participants receive BOND tokens. One of our goals is to promote wider adoption of the BOND token and raise awareness, but furthermore as a network promote wider adoption of all cryptocurrencies. To support this endeavor, we will soon (shout out to our Telegram group) offer additional alternative crypto assets in our incentivized liquidity pools. This will effectively create a rewards program which will contain not just BOND tokens but additional tokens that can be staked for and earned.

The Launchpad Problem

IDOs have performed remarkably well this year with any number reaching multiples of ten times or more their public sale price. For most, it is like chasing the horizon and the jockeying for allocations in private sales is becoming storied. It is human nature but also unfortunate that decentralized applications have remained exclusive in nature. After all, everyone would like to participate in an outlying performer but with the current model, few can, despite going through extensive whitelisting in the hopes of being chosen.

The Lemonade stand Joins Bonded finance

As Bonded has made strides, we are happy to announce that one of our earliest initiatives is now beginning. It is a given that our partners will share in the value of the Bond network but we are also encouraging them to contribute to it.

Today, we are happy to announce we have reached an agreement with the Jigstack launchpad, Lemonade. This forward looking arrangement will entitle liquidity providers of the Bond token to receive a percentage of tokens launched on the Lemonade platform.

Launchpads have certainly injected life and capital into the space, however, the process leaves much to be desired. Leveraging the power of the Bonded network was something we were happy to do for our loyal BOND holders. The difficulty people encounter attempting to participate in public sales is a difficult thing to resolve and we wanted to reward our liquidity providers.

The Basic Arrangement

In an agreement exclusive to Bonded—Participating IDOs on the Lemonade launchpad will provide up to 1% of their total supply to be distributed to Bond token holders through our rewards platform. To be a recipient of these rewards, users must hold BOND and provide liquidity to our Uniswap market. This is watershed as we believe this type of partnership will go a long way in deepening our liquidity pools, bolstering our APY and giving users a real sense of the power and value of the Bond network. We are also very happy that our liquidity providers could have a chance to receive tokens in a launchpad offering as so many of them have performed exceptionally well.

To date, we have secured roughly 1M USD in tokens, in terms of diluted caps. We anticipate the first distribution to hit our rewards program in May and will provide more details as they are realized.

In exchange, Bonded will provide these new projects a place in one of our lending markets and through that, they will gain exposure to lenders in our network, our community of investors and business network. We have already secured a handful of projects who wish to join the BOND network. The first $1m usd in new token rewards is expected to be distributed over the course of 90 days following the debut in May with more participants following thereafter. The tokens will be distributed via the Bonded Rewards Platform and will obviously create an uptick in APY and demand for BOND holders. We will share specifics as dates are determined.

Both teams are fully aware that the opening of lending markets for new and potentially volatile assets is going to pose a challenge. We do anticipate parameters like loan-to-value ratios and interest rates for newly issued tokens to enter into discovery, but this is the ethos of DeFi and it is not all for the faint of heart.

Bond Benefits

The potential upside for Bond Token holders are the ability to:

  • Generate Launchpad IDO assets at no cost
  • Diversify Portfolio at no cost
  • Acquire typically hard to source tokens—newly launched projects

For the network, token and overall performance:

  • Increased APY
  • Increased demand for the Bond token
  • Additional exposure for the Bond network
  • Deeper liquidity for the Bond token

We are thrilled to not only share this value with Bond token holders but also to provide access to projects that have proven to be difficult to access.


  • Bonded finance is launching their brand new Straight Stacking rewards programme.
  • To start, already over $1m USD of alternative cryptocurrencies will be given out to BOND LP’s.
  • Cryptos included in our new rewards programme will come from select, existing crypto projects and also new IDO’s.
  • The first IDO platform to join the programme is The Lemonade Stand from Jigstack.
  • To participate, you must hold BOND, provide liquidity on Uniswap and connect to our rewards programme .
  • The new rewards programme will commence in May 2021.

These types of partnerships are the lifeblood of our network and integral to our business. Creating an environment of inclusion and collaboration while removing the congestion associated with traditional markets as well as in crypto is essential to the overall growth of the ecosystem. We look forward to adding value for our token holders and will provide details going forth.



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