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5 min readJan 30, 2024

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We are excited to announce that Fringe Finance’s much-awaited V2 is live! This marks a new era for our lending platform, now enhanced with margin trading and amplification facilities. We started with a soft launch for early adopters; now, the full version is available for everyone. Now that we have a few days behind us, let’s talk about the new features it brought, what it is planned for, and the feedback we have already received (thank you to all community members who provided actionable feedback!)

Where to share the feedback?

You can add feedback about the new version using our dedicated form here.

Listen to the AMA

If you prefer to listen to a presentation about the new features, you can check our AMA held on X, where we presented them and answered amazing questions here.

New V2 Features

Our full-fledged solution now adds the following core features besides the lending and borrowing facilities.

Margin Trade and Amplify:

V2 is not just a lending platform; it introduces two new leveraged trading facilities. Fringe Amplify allows users to strategically increase exposure to supported crypto assets, boosting potential returns. Fringe Margin Trade empowers users to engage in leveraged trades across our listed crypto assets, offering strategic long and short-term positions opportunities.

Revolutionary Interest Rate Model:

Our new Interest Rate Model dynamically adjusts rates to maintain optimal utilization, incentivizing borrowing and deposits. This model aims to maximize lender revenue and reduce borrower costs.

Repay using collateral:

With atomic loan repayments, users can repay their loan and margin trade positions using the position’s collateral and therefore do not need to have the borrowed funds separately available to repay the position. This feature offers significant convenience for Fringe Finance users, increasing their options for repaying loans and trading positions.

Current Status of Fringe V2 at Launch

In this section, you can check which assets and facilities are available for each of our markets:


  • Facilities: Lending, Borrowing, Amplify and Margin Trading


  • Facilities: Lending, Borrowing, Amplify and Margin Trading


  • 8 Assets: AAVE, BAL, wETH, LINK, SAND, USDC, WBTC, and wstETH
  • Facilities: Lending, Borrowing, Amplify and Margin Trading


  • 11 Assets: wETH, FXS, KNC, LDO, LINK, LUSD, OP, PERP, wBTC, wstETH, and USDC
  • Facilities: Lending, Borrowing, Amplify and Margin Trading


  • 5 Assets: BUSD, ETH, USDC, USDT, and WBTC
  • Facilities: Borrowing and Lending*

* On zkSync, the leveraged trading functions will be available soon.

A short list of key inclusions in V2:

Besides the new core features mentioned above, Fringe V2 delivers a range of other important improvements that improve security, flexibility, and the user experience on the platform:

  • Multi-asset lending, allowing a broader range of assets for lending purposes.
  • Integration of Pyth price feeds to complement our existing Chainlink price feeds — so now we can list many more assets.
  • WalletConnect integration for enhanced connectivity.
  • A decentralized backend for improved censorship resistance.
  • A partial liquidation model to reduce costs for borrowers and provide greater platform stability for lenders.
  • Expanded multi-chain support, embracing a wider blockchain ecosystem.

Upcoming Features and Feedback Updates

LP token support: Following the V2 launch, we’re introducing a novel approach to utilizing LP capital by offering LP token holders the full set of Fringe V2 lending and leveraged trading options. This allows liquidity providers to deploy their LP capital without closing their LP positions, optimizing capital allocation while maintaining income from liquidity provision fees.

ERC4626 support: The ERC-4626 is a standard interface for tokenized vaults in the Ethereum ecosystem. Its main feature is the conversion of vault shares into a fungible yield-bearing token format. Fringe’s support for the ERC-4626 standard will allow ERC-4626 holders to deploy their tokenized yield-bearing assets across Fringe’s DeFi facilities including lending, borrowing and leveraged trading.

Advanced Price Oracle Model:

Our new price oracle model enhances resilience against market manipulation, ensuring reliable and accurate pricing. It’s designed to protect user interactions with sophisticated rules and efficient processing.

Expanded Asset Availability:

Since V1, our edge has been the diversity of markets on our platform. With V2, we’ve taken a giant leap forward and supported over 70 asset listings at the time of launch. We’ve expanded beyond Ethereum to include Arbitrum, Optimism, ZkSync, and Polygon. Our lending model now supports many whitelisted assets, moving away from the previous USDC-only model. In time, we’re aiming for over 150 asset listings across all chains, with our current targets as follows:

  • 118 assets on Ethereum Mainnet
  • 36 assets on Arbitrum
  • 31 assets on Polygon
  • 18 assets on Optimism
  • 5 assets on zkSync

Post V2 Launch Feedback

Fringe Finance is always open to receiving feedback about its features, how the platform is performing, and suggestions for more assets. We understand the high expectations about our product, listen carefully to all suggestions, and improve the features and interface accordingly. To have yours recorded in a structured way, please send it to this form.

Liquidity Bootstrapping Activities

We believe in building a great product and making sure it’s known. Our engagement strategy includes collaborations with projects whose assets are listed on our platform, and our tech partners. Additionally, we’re incentivizing interactions with the platform, leveraging external programs and with our dedicated incentives distribution:

OP Red Wars

Fringe Finance is participating in the Optimism Red Wars, as part of our chain-specific activities. This includes various incentives for protocol usage on the Optimism L2 chain, with rewards in OP and FRIN tokens.

We will compile a list of verified addresses from Clique (the partner that runs Red Wars). This list will form the basis for the equitable distribution of the rewards pool. To qualify, addresses must have committed lending or collateral capital of $100 equivalent or more, and this investment must remain on the platform until the campaign’s conclusion.

Incentive Program

The upcoming incentive program will be announced on Feb 12. It is tailored to engage users with the platform, rewarding them according to their actions. It will be divided into several phases with different goals for each phase. Stay tuned for the announcement!

In Summary:

The launch of Fringe Finance V2 is a milestone in the DeFi space, setting new standards with its innovative features, security mechanisms, and expanded capabilities. With over 150 assets across five chains and a range of DeFi lending and margin trading options, V2 is well-positioned to redefine the industry.

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