Fringe Finance Monthly Recap — June 2024

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2 min readJul 3, 2024


June has been a busy month for Fringe Finance, marked by outreach with several protocols, participation in Optimism Demo Day and new integrations in the platform. Significant advances in our development have also been made, bringing the new features even closer.

Key Events and Updates

Optimism Demo Day
Our presentation at the Optimism Demo Day showcased our latest developments and was a major success, attracting over 6,580 views. You can find a live demonstration of our platform facilities, and the recording is available on our youtube channel.

Fringe Finance and Superform X Space
The Superform team joined us in a discussion about ERC4626 tokens and how to leverage them to improve their returns. This conversation led to the creation of a user guide showing how any user can isolate the yields on this type of token using Fringe

You can find the recording here:

And the article with the user guide here:

Fringe at ETHcc — Announcement
We are thrilled to announce our participation in ETHcc, the largest Ethereum conference in Europe. This event will be a fantastic opportunity to connect with other leaders in the Ethereum community and showcase our innovative solutions.

New integrations

Integration of Diverse Crypto Projects
June was a busy month, where we successfully integrated several prominent cryptocurrency projects into the Fringe Finance platform:

  • Ondo Finance (ONDO): Provides structured financial products to diversify risk and enhance yield potential.
  • QuickSwap (QUICK): Brings lightning-fast and low-cost transactions to our platform, powered by the Polygon network.
  • Aavegotchi (GSTH): Integrates DeFi and NFTs, introducing a gamification layer that rewards user interaction with unique NFTs.
  • Trader Joe (JOE): Enhances our trading options by combining DEX services with DeFi lending capabilities.
  • PancakeSwap (CAKE): Provides access to a broader range of tokens and liquidity pools, increasing exchange efficiency and liquidity.
  • Maverick Protocol (MAV): Offers sophisticated trading instruments like decentralized derivatives and perpetual futures contracts.

Product and Tech Updates

New User Guides
Following our latest presentations, we released several user guides with step-by-step instructions on how to use Fringe Finance in a plethora of Defi strategies. You can find the latest additions here:

Looking Ahead

July promises to be another exciting month with our participation in ETHcc and continuous enhancements to our platform. We remain dedicated to providing innovative solutions and fostering a secure, efficient, and user-friendly environment for all our users.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Fringe Finance.



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