End of Month Update: January 2022.

Fringe Finance community,

Another month goes by, and it was a rather quick one.

By now, as you know, our rebrand process is complete: $BOND is now $FRIN, and we are upscaling our marketing efforts towards the launch of our Platform. Let us, then, go through everything that happened this January and what you can expect to see this February!

First and foremost, the airdrop.

A token swap is never an easy process, and January was a sprint for our team to set up airdropping solutions, liquidity, and coordinate with centralized exchanges to implement $FRIN trading. Notwithstanding a few hiccups with Liquidity Providers (if this is your case, contact us immediately), which we shall solve on a case-by-case basis, we’re happy to call this a success as $FRIN is now trading in the markets.

With the airdrop completed, we’re back to focusing on securing and releasing the Primary Lending Platform… so should we talk about that?

Updates on audits, refinements, and development.

As you know, the initial feedback we received from our auditor, HashEx, was mainly positive, and the CyberUnit auditing team’s results didn’t differ much. As such, we have finished applying the feedback from HashEx, started actioning the withstanding items from CyberUnit, and should conclude all fixings within the week.

After every item in this list has been checked out, a security re-check by HashEx should then give us the thumbs up to release the Platform. All auditing work should conclude in mid-February, although our tech team is reserving the right to run some final checks and confirmations before pushing into Mainnet.

Aside from auditing work and security fixes, our team has changed the original Bonded Finance Platform user interface to reflect our rebrand and additional refinements. Work on the USB Stablecoin Platform continues to be underway, and we hope to bring you good news about it in our next update.

Staking continues and new dynamics on Ascendex

Ascendex has been a truly valuable partner, first for Bonded Finance and now for Fringe. Over 2,300 wallets stake their tokens in their platform and this is why, for the time being, and while we sort out our own staking solution, we have decided to continue the rewards program. If you stake your tokens within Ascendex, please remember that, until there’s an official announcement that the program will not continue, you should assume that it will. The APYs will stay the same as they were for $BOND.

On the other hand, Ascendex has recently announced a trading competition for $FRIN. You can still partake in it! We will also be collaborating on a joint AMA and Twitter Spaces for the Ascendex community, to be announced shortly.

What else is new from marketing?

As you may have noticed, this month our marketing team worked around the clock to begin and establish Fringe’s brand in the media and crypto community. Between partner calls, Twitter Spaces, and lots of planning for what’s to come, we managed to be featured in multiple media outlets, such as:

We’re, of course, also busy streamlining the details surrounding the yacht party for the launch of our Primary Lending Platform, along with next week’s announcement of our “The Brian Pasfield” commemorative jackets. Our marketing spending and presence are projected to upscale as we get closer to, and after the Platform’s release. We should also kickstart our communities in several different languages in the month of February.

As always, thank you!

We are happy to have received many positive comments about the rebrand and token swap, and appreciate the community support as we near our release. Once again, we’d like to thank you all for your support and care for this project.

Please stay tuned to our official announcement channels as we near the end of auditing, post-auditing, and pre-launch work!

-The Fringe Finance team.



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