End of Month Update: February 2022.

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Isn’t it funny how February always feels like it’s ten days shorter than all other months?

It’s no secret that the work to create a super-secure Primary Lending Platform is among its final stages and that Marketing is testing the waters for a long-awaited launch. While we witness history in the making in the non-crypto world, Fringe continues to build with our primary goals in mind: Security, censorship-resistance, and an excellent user experience.

So, where are we? What happened in February? Well, read along to find out!

On the Tech front

The technology teams have been working solidly to rectify the audit items and strengthen our platform stability mechanisms. Given Fringe is forging new frontiers in offering lending against a wide range of altcoin collateral, a core aspect of our system is to address the unique requirements of this purpose.

Accordingly, the main focus of our changes and adaptations is to ensure maximum stability. We have used the received feedback from our double audits as an opportunity to strengthen our stability mechanisms. Simultaneously, we have implemented further fixes and upgraded our smart contracts per auditors’ recommendations, pursuing security solutions such as time-locks, flash loan protection, and eliminating redundancies.

In addition to this, we’ve finished re-branding the user interface of our platform to reflect the Fringe Finance re-brand and streamlined the user experience for a sleeker, more intuitive UI. This new interface will be available for testers shortly before the platform’s launch.

But, of course, the Fringe ecosystem is wide and all-encompassing

As we implement feedback from our auditors, we’ve also commenced developing our staking solution. This implementation will support multi-collateral staking of FRIN governance tokens, lenders’ interest-bearing fTokens, and our USB stablecoin.

Our team is also actively pursuing the design and development of wider solutions within the Fringe ecosystem, such as the USB Stablecoin Platform, fixed-interest lending/borrowing design, and implementation of insurance and lending for NFT collateral. 2022 is shaping up to be a positively hectic year for the Fringe team, and we look forward to providing further updates on these roadmap items in the coming months.

To summarize, Fringe has:

  • Reworked items identified during the smart contract audits.
  • Strengthened our stability and security mechanisms.
  • Conducted an audit re-check to ensure the reworked items’ are properly implemented.
  • Re-branded our UI and prepared our final interface.
  • Commenced Quality Assurance.
  • Progressed the design and development of the USB stablecoin platform.
  • Progressed the design for multi-asset staking for $FRIN, interest-bearing fTokens, and $USB.
  • Progressed the design for roadmap items such as fixed-interest, insurance, and lending with NFT collateral.

From our Marketing team

While development continues underway, the Marketing team continues to test uncharted waters (pun intended) with its work to present the world with our Primary Lending platform. Through several media features, AMAs, Partner Spaces and more activations, the word about Fringe continues to reach new crypto communities.

To recap our efforts, this month we:

  • Held a live stream with our partners at MobiFi to talk about the future of lending.
  • Conducted AMAs with Chainlink communities in English and Russian.
  • Introduced a sick pack of stickers to our Telegram channel.
  • We started giving away “The Brian Pasfield” jackets to our loyal community for spreading the word about Fringe (and we will continue to!)
  • Were featured in videos from channels such as My Financial Friend.
  • Designed a boat.
  • Were featured on several media outlets, such as Yahoo! Finance, beINcrypto, and many more.
  • Participated in an AMA with Ascendex’s community.

Along with this, and as Fringe’s success is highly-reliant on network effects, we continue to engage and strengthen new partnerships and integrations, such as this month’s IoTeX and Bancor, along with others currently in exploratory phases.

Oh, and we’re also finalizing the details surrounding our Primary Lending Platform launch strategy, including a celebratory Yacht Party, but we’ll tell you more about that in due time.

And finally, a message to our collaborators and developers.

It’s public knowledge that a considerable number of our key development team members live in Ukraine. We are relieved to hear that all of them and their families are safe, and we have been told to expect no interruptions in their work. Cyber Unit, it’s worth pointing out, has also become involved in the cyber defense of Ukraine.

From the Fringe team, our thoughts go out to all of our members living in the conflicted areas and hope for stability to arrive sooner rather than later.

About Fringe Finance

Fringe Finance is a decentralized money market designed to unlock the capital spread in crypto assets regardless of their capitalization and supported network. With a next-generation DeFi lending & borrowing ecosystem, Fringe aims to unlock the dormant capital from traditional financial markets and all-tier cryptocurrencies.

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Fringe Finance

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