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To dismiss the watershed NFT “Everydays: the first 5000 days” as a random Jpeg could be considered ignorant although not entirely inaccurate. It is a Jpeg after all. Were one to characterize Royale Finance as a lending platform to the founders, it would not only be an affront, it would be entirely inaccurate. Like so many promising blockchain projects, Royale Finance requires a peering under the hood in order to grasp its true potential.

Royale’s mission is to bring liquidity to gaming on the whole. It aspires to take an enormous industry that has historically been dominated by big players with deep pockets and democratize it. With 60 billion plus to be democratized, it is a project of both scope and size. Gaming, igaming, esports and betting are industries with particularly prohibitive barriers to entry and outsized capital requirements.

The Bonded team is glad to have been connected with the Founders of Royale as the potential for symbioses is there as well as a like-mindedness to do the same thing, put it on the blockchain, improve upon it and share it with everyone. Our initiatives in similar in the sense that we believe that there are innumerable altcoin projects that are deserving of borrowing/lending services while Royale is committed to lowering the capital requirements of gaming and providing an avenue to gain liquidity so the playing field is level. Both of us seek to catalyze growth in our respective industries and are aiming to do so at the point of entree.

Royale is forward thinking and we believe our continued discussions will mutually serve our respective advancements in the space. For Bonded, we are also happy to being cutting a wider swath in terms of collateral types entering into our ecosystem.

Bonded will endeavor to offer Royale holders with:

  • Access to our Ionic Loan protocol
  • Opportunity to loan and borrow the Roya token
  • Capital resources
  • Increased utility — earning potential in upcoming products
  • An opportunity to earn as you HODL
  • Drive demand by removing tokens from circulation
  • Ability to earn liquidity incentives and BOND tokens

The building, streamlining and scaling that is taking place today is laying a foundation across the board for alternative coins and revamping some of our most-guarded, longstanding industries. Technologies that can demonstrate earning power, provide holders with sustainable benefits and support the space will be among the primary drivers of evolution. At Bonded, we are empowering altcoins to realize this value and give them unfettered access to our smart instruments.

About Royale Finance

Royale is a cross-chain De-Fi solution for the iGaming industry. Our user-centric platform creates Web 3.0 smart-backed liquidity that allows iGaming entrepreneurs to bootstrap innovation with the security and transparency of the blockchain.

About Bonded

The Bonded platform was created to incubate and deploy experimental, high-yield, smart-contract driven, financial instruments that push the bounds of open finance. Bonding is an algorithmic model that aims to unlock, aggregate and de-risk ~50 billion in dormant value distributed amongst untapped digital assets by allowing supporters of qualifying altcoin projects the opportunity to borrow against these assets or pool them and start earning.

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Decentralized financial ecosystem unlocking the dormant capital from traditional financial markets and all-tier cryptocurrencies. #DeFi lending & borrowing.

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Fringe Finance

Fringe Finance

Decentralized financial ecosystem unlocking the dormant capital from traditional financial markets and all-tier cryptocurrencies. #DeFi lending & borrowing.

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