Bonded Partners With Origin Protocol

Most certainly, the advent of financial instruments on the blockchain represents the future and a seismic shift away from antiquated models that rewarded the old guard and insiders. In the realm of outmoded legacy systems, e-commerce is certainly not without a glaring number of inefficiencies, particularly the roadblocks associated with creating marketplaces and distributing products. Bonded is excited to announce we will be working with Origin to support their vision of cutting-edge marketplaces, e-commerce applications and most recently, their yield-earning stable coin.

We look forward to exploring our synergies and the potential for integration and are happy to list Origin Protocol as a lending and borrowing asset for our inaugural product, now called Ionic (formerly ACL or accelerated crypto loan). Given Origin’s penetration into existing markets, e.g. partnerships with Brave, Kyber and Solana, Bonded aims to make DeFi products that are accessible like any free marketplace. True adaption, while ambitious, is to provide yield instruments to a mainstream audience where earning is easy as e-commerce was supposed to be.

Bonded believes open finance is a harbinger for the future of money that we aspire to be a gateway for, while Origin’s peer-to-peer marketplaces can equally disrupt and disintermediate an industry rife with middlemen to make transactions seamless and feeless. It is a natural collaboration and Bonded’s initial work with OGN will offer their holders with:

  • Access to Ionic — Bonded’s lending/borrowing product

The building of tomorrow’s consumer infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain will reshape our world as we iterate, streamline and scale our way towards a low-cost, fully inclusive global economy that will be virtually free of barriers to entry. It is not just DeFi technologies that empower users to take ownership of their finances. It is the technologies like Origin Protocol offering free-to-run marketplaces that are fully customizable, supporting crypto payments and no transaction fees that can provide holders with sustainable benefits and earning opportunities. Both Bonded and Origin aim to be drivers of a collective evolution and we are proud to be aligned with them.



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