Bonded Finance Private Sale: Sold Out

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2 min readOct 22, 2020


The Bonded Finance team has been truly humbled by the outpouring of interest and appreciation for our project. We are elated to say that Bonded’s initiative to leverage dormant capital residing in altcoins is something that has resonated with private equity as well as the community on the whole. We are thankful and appreciate everyone who has expressed interest and pledged support.

In short order, we were oversubscribed, closing our round at 2.25m USD raised. We did our best to accommodate individuals as well as maintain a strategic approach that would best serve the project. Bonded’s contributors are a healthy mix of venture funds, blockchain leaders as well as active and respected crypto community members. We are thankful for the commitment from those whose values and vision for Bonded aligns with our long-term goals. Given the number of inquiries we received, there were invariably parties unable to participate — we sincerely apologize and still hope to gain your support as we refine our rollout and reveal more in anticipation of our public offering.

Though the list would be too long to thank everyone, we would like to acknowledge AAM, Spark Digital Capital and Blackedge for their guidance and support.

Briefly looking ahead, we are currently focusing on securing strategic partnerships as well as determining the ideal channels by which the Bond token can receive additional distribution and exposure. This begins with a public offering and consideration of additional secondary market listings. From a developmental standpoint, we are busy building out our first product and determining the final business logic details for our subsequent smart instruments.

These are certainly exciting times and one of great anticipation. We believe that one of the great innovations of DeFi will be its impact on the altcoin market. By creating yield opportunities for the scores of projects out there that have great liquidity and active communities, therein lies the potential for a ripple effect across the entire market. Bonded’s contribution to the overall health of the ecosystem is to offer alts earning power, sustainability and stability through DeFi and hope you all join us to achieve this mission.

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