August: Monthly Update

Listing Updates:


Stacking Rewards Programme

The Tech Front

  • Primary Lending Platform — continuous updates and refinements to the UI. User experience notably improved over the UI that was recently presented in our recent YouTube video.
  • Progressive Livenet Deployment — myriad components of the platform, including but not limited to — collateral deposit, stablecoin asset deposits, borrowing and the BOND staking function.
  • BOND single asset staking — currently in development in tandem with complementary developments.
  • Testing — continuous, all components
  • Smart Contract Audit — final scheduling
  • Mainnet Release Dates — to be published very shortly.

The Nitty Gritty Interim Report:

  1. Updated API for actual token prices to be displayed on the modal windows (back-end)
  2. Updated UI designs for borrower dash
  3. Testing lending platform smart contracts
  4. Updated UI designs (pop-ups, tables, loan health factor)
  5. Finished stage environment setup (back-end, dev-ops)
  6. Finished API to display new parameters on the borrower dashboard.
  7. Finished Index market chart API
  8. Finished deployment of proxy contracts
  9. Finished all UI layouts
  10. Finished borrow function implementation
  11. Finished repayment smart contract
  12. Unit tests for borrow and repay have commenced.




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