AMA, Part 2: April 2022.

Questions start here:

What happens if no one is willing to liquidate a position?

Do we have actors that are willing to become liquidators on the platform at the moment?

How frequently will be updated the info about the maximum 4hrs price fall (to adjust LVR) and available liquidity (to adjust Maximum borrowing capacity)? Constantly?

What will happen to the current loans after the LVR is changed for an asset? Will it only affect new loans?

Do we have a loose idea of the “key goals” Paul Mak would like to achieve within the 1st 100 days of launch?

Can we get updated tokenomics as well as an update of what’s happened to the Rewards Pools?

Since we are keeping the same tokenomics, how are we handling the fixed distribution considering the platform has been delayed? 50% staking was cut short, but then again, I believe we are at month 18 and some change. Is there a plan for all this?

Does Fringe have any contracts signed with Chainlink, IoTeX, Elrond, etc, that guarantee TVL deployment on Fringe?

Have you actually talked about institutional usage with these institutions or signed any contracts?

Before, Paul Mak didn’t want to provide flash loans. If I’m not mistaken, I believe it’s back on the table. What has changed since last time?

From Mak’s meetings with institutional investors, is there any guidance as to what percentage yields they’d need to see to deploy capital on the platform? Other more established platforms offer 4–5%. Do the 2 audits work as a “green light” for institutional investors?

Why did you sell tokens OTC to Ascendex? Isn’t that detrimental to existing holders?

How’s the hunt for a CEO going?

How big is the Fringe team exactly?

Why are the UI screenshots on the website COMPLETELY different from those shared on Twitter? This is surprising, and not in a good way!

Even the multi-billion-dollar L1s have difficulty maintaining dollar pegs. BEANS was obliterated today from a flash loan attack. Why not just use DAI, USDC, USDT, and instead create your own stablecoin? Wouldn’t it be easier and safer?

  • Fringe Finance’s platform uses a much longer delay period than Beanstalk’s 24-hour delay period, allowing for the community to more thoroughly investigate and react to any proposed changes. This would have allowed users to withdraw their funds in time from the platform, before the attack could have succeeded.
  • Fringe Finance’s platform implements the delay period *after* the proposal has received a majority vote in favor, rather than before. This is a deceptively simple yet significant difference, as it means that the community can pay very close attention to any changes that have entered the review period, as they know for sure that these changes will be enacted after the period ends.

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